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Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

We endeavour to make our events welcoming, safe and as enjoyable as possible for all. We therefore expect all our attendees to follow our Code of Conduct…

The following behaviour is not allowed…
-Physical violence, including pushing and shoving.
-Bullying, harassing and/or discriminative behaviour such as racial abuse, sexual harassment and/or intolerance due to any gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other protected category.
-Language that makes people uncomfortable or acts to condescend. This includes blatant/micro aggressive statements.
-Online abuse is not tolerated.
-Causing intentional damage to venue, games or property of any attendees.
-Disorderly behaviour, including due to the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

The Following behaviour is expected…
-Contributing to an inclusive and welcoming event.
-Peoples’ pronouns are to be respected.
-If people decline a physical interaction (such as a hug) this is to be respected.
-Good personal hygiene should be adhered to (please make use of the refresh station).

If you witness any of the above or have any concerns, please report it at the earliest opportunity to a member of venue staff or a D&F host.
Anyone found breaking this Code of Conduct will be ejected from the event and we reserve the right to refuse entry to all future D&F events.