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'Would highly recommend these events to anyone in the North as they're a lot of fun and the organizers are really passionate about what they do. Additionally, when we asked if D&F could bring a sample of their collection to the Yorkshire Games Festival, they were a pleasure to work with and a really well-loved part of the programme. Can't thank them enough!' Yorkshire Games Festival – Jack WW”

'Not content with a passive venue for occasional gaming, James has engineered and curated one of the most cohesive and consistent spaces for the tabletop gaming community in the UK, proactively supporting and expanding the audience for D&F events through quality marketing, partnerships with leading firms and a varied roster of event types - enriching his community of gamers to a point where D&F is considered a key nexus of gaming culture within the UK tabletop industry.”

Peter Blenkharn, CEO, Inside the Box Game Studio.

Dungeons and Flagons has been an amazing addition to our weekly events calendar. We first started working with James Oxley as an addition to our table top game societies social but the social quickly evolved into an event that appeals to a wider student demographic. James has an excellent range of games for novice players to a more dedicated gamers. James’ friendly and knowledgeable approach to running the event creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere that is inclusive of any attendees. He also has created a crowd of regular attendees within the student population of Manchester Met. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Dungeons and Flagons and expanding the events held within our students union. 

James Gomersall,Food and Beverage Manager 

The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University

“In my experience as an events organiser, both for myself and on behalf of games retailers, I have never met an individual with more passion for the job than James.

James has proven himself uniquely talented in the logistics of events, but has also shown an attention to current trends and audiences that his competitors in the area sorely lack.

This translates to a uniquely enjoyable experience at all his events and makes him a strong asset to anybody he works with.” Paolo Granelli, Adventures To Order.

“Spaces for board gamers are few and far between, but when a good space emerges, they can be a loyal crowd! Dungeons & Flagons has gone from strength to strength creating engaging events for gamers, and the resulting community that has grown around it speaks for itself. As a game publisher, D&F offers a great opportunity to connect with our fans — one that we plan to invest in as public spaces open up again!”

Lewis Shaw, Brain Crack Games.

Dungeons and Flagons has grown Wednesday nights for us substantially. Sales during the event are excellent (significantly more than pre-D&F) and this is frequently our highest taking period of the week in dry sales.

It is also good to know that our venue is seen as a safe place where people can be confident and express themselves with no fear of judgment as well as find friends with common interests.

Katie Marter-Gunn Deputy Manager The Breadshed.

The social they hosted for our students was by far the best experience one could ask for. Creating a social and welcome environment for a bunch of nervous nerdy teens is not an easy job, and yet James managed to pull it off by also helping all of them get into the games they wanted to play. I can not recommend this team enough for any student society or group that wishes to get some of that sweet board game action

Hristo Ankg Antonov -Coordinator- UofM

PASS ( peer support) mechanical engineering

I have worked and organised events alongside James many times since we were events management students together at University. I have always been impressed by his commitment to delivering an outstanding experience for attendees. With D&F he has truly created something wonderful and I look forward to where he take it next.

Paul Watling Stonebaked Promotions.