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D&F Tablemates

D&F Tablemates

Bringing players together for unforgettable board game experiences at the Weekender.

How to use Tablemates

How to Use the Tablemates System:

  1. Open the editable version of the Google Sheet: Click on the link provided on the website to open an editable version of the Google Sheet.

  2. Add a game: To add a game, find an empty row and enter the following information in the corresponding columns:

    • Game Name: Write the name of the game you're planning to run.
    • Max Signups: Enter the maximum number of players allowed to sign up for your game.
    • Game Description: Provide a brief description of the game.
    • Start Time: Indicate the start time for the game.
  3. Post your game on to our Facebook Chat group and Discord server to increase interest!
  4. When you arrive at the weekender, speak to a host so we can direct your players to you.

  1. Join a Game: Look for games with open slots (the "Game Status" column shows "Open") and find a game you would like to join. Write your name in one of the available player name slots in that game's row.When you arrive at the Weekender, speak to a host who will help you find your game. 

By following these steps, you can easily add games to the system and sign up to participate in others' games. Enjoy your Tablemates experience!

Don't forget to get your tickets for the event!